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Spider IV HD150 Burned

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Woops!   You cannot plug a Spider 4 directly into a computer!  You need to use an FBV MkII Express or Shortboard.  You will need to bring it to an authorized repair center for evaluation.

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Um... You’re lucky you didn’t burn up your computer as well. The RJ45 jack on the amp isn’t an Ethernet port. It’s sole purpose is to connect one of the Line 6 FBV foot controllers. It sends power over one pair of wires, so you probably created an overload condition. You may very well have actually damaged your computer’s Ethernet port as well.

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What fflbrgst and phil_m said. The RJ45 mod jack on the amp is labeled FBV Pedal, not computer.

Buzzing is a bad sign, amp chips or the main board damage to a regulator. Buzzing would be the 60-cycle from the wall.



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