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New to Variax and have couple of questions


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Recently bit the bullet and ordered (and anxiously awaiting) an SR250 but have a couple of questions.

First and most importantly, with a helix lt can you adjust the variax models and tunings or do you still need the usb adapter for the variax?

Also, I use D'Addario exl110w strings and couldn't help but wonder if the .018w 3rd would cause any issues with the piezo? Tension is roughly the same as a plain .017 so it seems like it'd be fine, but does anyone have experience with this? 


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-USB adapter is for connecting the computer to use Monkey or Workbench HD, not for playing through.

For playing connect with 1/4" TRS guitar cable when using the battery, or the VDI cable when connecting

through the VDI post on the Helix.


-The strings you are using should be fine. Don't go lighter than 9's or heavier than 11's. Variax is designed

with 10's in mind. The factory set are D'Addario XL-110's.


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Thanks for the reply. 


I guess I should have worded that better. Seeing as I am also getting a helix soon, I was wondering if the variax could be connected to the pc through the helix to access workbench HD? Or if the variax models and tunings could be loaded into the helix to negate the need for the usb adapter?


I know in the grand scheme of things the usb adapter is comparatively cheap, but it's still hard to stomach paying $100 for a usb adapter.

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12 hours ago, HEAVYMETALMATT said:

Well, as it turns out,  my question was pointless. The guitar came with the usb adapter. I could have sworn I saw somewhere that it was sold separately. Still good to know that the helix can do it though.

Older Variax guitars (pre-JTV) did not come with the USB adapter. It’s called the Variax Workbench Hardware Interface and was sold separately for those who wanted to use the optional Workbench program. Since the JTV series it has been included with the purchase of a new Variax guitar.

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