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Jazzmaster patch for Variax JTV-69

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New Variax owner. Love the guitar. The one disappointment is the lack of a Jazzmaster pickup tone. I've read on the forum of people having acquired that patch, but I cannot find it. 


I'm sorry if this question has been answered a million times already. Can someone throw a guy a bone, though? 

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One thing that hasn't ever happened with either iteration of Variax, is that no new pickups or body models have appeared after the initial introduction. I've often wondered about that. Why haven't other models of pickups or bodies been created since the release of the JTV Varaix? Why can't it be like the Helix with models being addded. Even just a couple. There's some D'marizio (sp?) and Seymour Duncan pickups I'd like to see modeled. There was a pickup that was the same specs as Eddie Van Halen's pickup. What about that one? How about an SG body? Anyway, I don't know the reason but the history of new pickups being added doesn't give me any hope the pickup you want will ever be modeled. Here's a good place to go for diffent Variax patches.


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