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HD 500 "UPDATE FLASH" frozen screen


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The display of my POD HD 500 is stuck with "UPDATE FLASH" on screen, and nothing more.

I've tried to reinstall Flash Memory, I've reinstalled Line 6 monkey, all Drivers and etc, and nothing works. I even tried do Reset (or whatever) by pressing the LEFT button (or any other button) while powering it on, but nothing happens.


Just the screen with the "UPDATE FLASH" message, even if it is not plugged into the computer.


If someone knows what to do to make it work again, please tell me.


WhatsApp Image 2021-10-17 at 03.17.20.jpeg

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1) Disconnect all the cables connected to the device included the USB one
2) Unplug the power cable from the POD
3) Plug in the power cable while holding the down nav button
4) Connect the unit via USB to the computer (you should hear a sound that a device has been recognized)
5) Open Monkey (it should identify the POD)
6) Install the latest firmware (better if by choosing the "offline mode" and loading the right firmware file previously downloaded manually), possibly not retaining the old patches when asked during the procedure
7) If it doesn't work after the first try repeat the above procedure several times until it does
8) If still no joy check the power supply, perhaps it no longer gives the amount of current needed: 9V 3A; check also the POD USB port, if broken there is nothing you can do except bringing the unit to a technician for repair



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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On 17/10/2021 at 03:23, yancambiucci said:

A tela do meu POD HD 500 está travada com "UPDATE FLASH" na tela e nada mais.

Já tentei reinstalar a memória Flash, já reinstalei o Line 6 monkey, todos os Drivers e etc, e nada funciona. Eu até tentei fazer Reset (ou qualquer outra coisa) pressionando o botão LEFT (ou qualquer outro botão) enquanto o ligava, mas nada acontece.


Apenas a tela com a mensagem "UPDATE FLASH", mesmo que não esteja conectado ao computador.


Se alguém souber o que fazer para voltar a funcionar, por favor me diga.


Imagem do WhatsApp 2021-10-17 em 03.17.20.jpeg

conseguiu resolver amigo? to com o mesmo problema aqui.... pedaleira parada desde 2019 :/

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