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MIDI IN to sync POD GO with external MIDI device?


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I am thinking about getting the POD GO Wireless.

One thing I'd like to confirm before I do so is whether the POD GO can receive MIDI signal and be synced with an external MIDI device that is not a computer.


In my use case, I have a BeatBuddy drum machine.

I currently use BeatBuddy to send MIDI signal into my Helix LT so that the BPM in Helix LT is synced with whatever beats I'm playing on my BeatBuddy.

Can this be achieved with POD GO as well?

It seems like POD GO does not have dedicated MIDI IN and OUT connectors, but only a USB Port.

If this feature exists, does it mean it require a MIDI IN/OUT to USB A converter?


Thank you for your help.

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you don't need a computer...I thought about adding a hardware host for my GO to support interaction with my source audio pedals....The problem is that it takes up space on the pedalboard and increases the cost to the point of a stomp I went there instead....but you can do it.

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Hi, I'm looking for this for a long time, and I cant find anything useful on the internet.
Is there option to connect pod go with xAir via midi, and control delay time on xAir

(on inserted FX. I found way code for that, but how to reprogram the pod go? 
if some1 is interested : )

with tap tempo on pod Go? that would be HUGHE improve in band sound in which I play guitar, sing and do the sound :D

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