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Can I also allow my bass player to run out of helix at the same time?


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Quick question.. I'm getting ready to start rehearsing with my band after long covid layoff,  and this will also be my first time practicing live with band with helix...


I know there are multiple paths with helix,  so could anyone tell me how to properly add my bass player into my helix at the same time?   I'm getting pretty good with

the helix but I really don't know how to do this..


I will plug into the guitar in and be using only one preset for our first rehearsal.   Where will he plug into my helix,  and how do I go about setting a path?

One thing to note,  this is for a low volume rehearsal so technically he could just plug in direct into one of the channels on my powered monitors,

but I'm trying to set him up his own path in my helix with possibly a little overdrive for his bass..


If this can't be done,  please excuse my assumption.  thanks guys!

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No you can't use that patch.  Helix has 2 channels (processors) the preset above is using both for guitar which means 100% of the processors.  you need to fit all your guitar on the top channel 1a & 1b so it's working on processor 1.  then change that input on channel 2 to be where you connect the Bass and use channel 2 a & b for bass patches using the 2nd processor. 


So using a guitar & bass(vocal or any other instrument) is possible - you just have to split it. 

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Depends how much of Path 2's DSP you've already used, and what you want for the Bass. 


The following eliminates the need to Pan the Output Blocks:

Put your minimum required Bass effect/amp into Path 2, pull it down to split the Path, pull down the Input Block and set it to AUX, pull down the Mixer Block and set the Output Block of the Split to one of the SENDS, then take that SEND to whatever you're using for the Bass amp. Add FX to the Bass Path until you run out of DSP.


Example attached.


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