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  1. @datacommando - You seem worked up, but I only see two post from you here... Sorry you feel it's tedious, maybe step away and let others handle it if it's too much. To share some perspective - There is NO official forum thread for 3.5 update, no instructions shared here (in the forum). While going through HX Edit update process there is just simple instructions (that worked fine for me). So with nothing sticky-posted on this helix forum except 3.0 and 3.15 threads that are outdated and this being the only thread related to 3.5. It's understandable people could be confused trying to locate information, especially if the update fails or hangs. I fired up HX Edit this morning and was greeted with a pop up saying I have an update... I followed the steps as I should based on the way Line6 intended and rolled this out. If there is an issue happening it's because it is presented as a simple update to the users. If we have a moderator on this forum it sure would be nice to post some information and make a sticky about 3.50, it's a huge update!!! and to please un-sticky all those junk outdated threads no one reads. PS - the HX Edit update method went fine as far as I can tell - will play around this weekend some. I'm excited for the update and appreciate all the developers time they continue putting into maintaining the Helix and improving it each year. I definitely feel this ongoing support makes it so much more valuable to us owners. Thanks!
  2. No you can't use that patch. Helix has 2 channels (processors) the preset above is using both for guitar which means 100% of the processors. you need to fit all your guitar on the top channel 1a & 1b so it's working on processor 1. then change that input on channel 2 to be where you connect the Bass and use channel 2 a & b for bass patches using the 2nd processor. So using a guitar & bass(vocal or any other instrument) is possible - you just have to split it.
  3. I had no trouble with windows 11 and HX Edit - been using it for months through the beta too. Win11 is just Win10 with some visual updates, still the same underlying operating system.. haven't found a single app that didn't work. my guess is it's more a driver issue. try going into device manager, from the menu show hidden devices and delete any of the helix devices that might be gray. those are older versions and ones on different USB ports... clear all the helix devices out, then try connecting it to redetect and setup the helix again in windows.
  4. Thanks, I’ll do that. It seems more software related but could be the bank footswitchs too. It seems to happen more often when switching bank direction, e.g. going up 8 banks is fine, but if I go down one bank after going up it double-skips;. And vice versa.
  5. I have the latest 3.11 firmware and I constantly have double-skips when changing banks up or down. I thought I saw this was a bug in 3.10, but it doesn't appear to be fixed. Are others still experiencing this issue?
  6. Wow, really a complete jerk-off response, clearly when you lept instantly from birth to seasoned professional the stardom went strait to your head... you forgot about all us poor sucker amateurish noobs trying to make it or have fun. Let us all just get out of your way mr. rock god... I must say that with you clearly being a professional... It's intriguing and honoring that you waste your time here with us nobody's on the forum.... so I guess we should say, Thank You?
  7. kringle

    Helix HW Latency

    PierM - that is more in line with what I'd expected. it's practically immeasurable in raw pass-through and your signals are the same.
  8. kringle

    Helix HW Latency

    Thanks for sharing the link, I personally always find this stuff interesting even if it doesn't really change anything or mean one is actually better than the other. Just some thoughts I had: His methodology seems effective, however the fact he loaded an IR instead on the helix instead of just a clean signal may have impacted the latency. I was a bit surprised to see how far off the wave shape was and that it was inverted between the amp signal vs the modelers signal. I would have expected a fairly similar wave shape, but it was totally different. assuming numbers are accurate, the Boss at 0.5ms is phenomenal latency for anything digital. The helix may have some settings, padding, or other processing ahead of it's actual signal path. or maybe there is opportunity to speed up, 2ms is high for a CPU & Analog to Digital converter so not sure that 2ms is even accurate. Potentially there should be some tests as you add a few blocks and see if things change or compound latency, things might level out. Either way, they are both great modeler units and this is all insignificant to the ear and reality of just playing and using it... like I said, I do like to see stuff like this, so thanks again for sharing.
  9. Totally agree, I’d go so far as to say this is now mandatory of anything produced 2020 and beyond. If they tried to push out a Helix 2 with no way to wirelessly have complete management over it then I’d wager it would be shredded in reviews and by the community. And something as high-end as a Helix will have to use high-speed WiFi as well, no crappy Bluetooth.
  10. One more tip - Other logitech services tend to stay running in the background, so if closing the main app doesn't work - pull up task manager and make sure no other logitech processare are running and kill any you find.
  11. Make sure you are not running any Logitech software, like GHUB, Setpoint or Options. Logitech causes BSOD's with Helix.
  12. Thanks.. I played for a few minutes and I think it's the later... It's failing on things I purchased from Marketplace. I figured it out by trying to small batch exports and basically anything from the Marketplace is failing... I deleted everything that had the golden pic next to it and the backup was successful... I haven't used them in the last year so probably won't miss em' and I always have an old backup in too. and yes, I believe I'm all matched, I had no issues with the 3.00 update, and I'm just bumping up to the urgent fix 3.01 also, I am logged into HX Edit and I could choose and play the marketplace items so they worked.. it only failed on the backup.
  13. It's not working for me, I'm getting an error I've never seen before. during Backup part of the firmware it says "Error occurred during the backup: "Failed to open license. (code -1130)" "Do you want to retry" I've never seen this before, I have no new IRs or patches in the last 5 updates over 2 years, and everything I do have is paid licenses. there doesn't seem to be anything on the forums about this issue either.
  14. I have Live suite 10 and Native 3.0. I had the same issues when I upgraded. uninstall/reinstall did not work for me. the fix was after uninstall, I had to go through my VST folders and manually delete helix native plugins because the uninstaller didn't remove them, and the new installer didn't over-write them.. once I did this manual plugin delete... I just installed it and everything worked.. had to activate again but that was it.
  15. it's almost always caused by Logitech. do you own a logitech product?
  16. Oh wow! this is impressive, nice work! I'll bookmark this, I have a few new patches I need to make over the weekend and this is a great reference. thanks and if I find any bugs I'll give feedback.
  17. One thing to consider in your choices - the new guitar process goes like this: Arrive at home, admire for 30 seconds, plug in, then begin playing. Play more hours than you probably should since it's a new toy... admire and then go to bed, start over in the morning. With the Helix it's - arrive home, spend next 3 weeks figuring it out, get angry at why it sounds flubby, tinny until you find a decent enough patch... study your butt off (all the time not actually playing any guitar... weeks go by and you are finally figuring out all the quirks & complexities... now spend months watching youtube videos, tweaking, learning, changing your understanding of how sound works, getting berated on forums for being a dolt by some superior helix users with 10K hours under their belt... continuing to struggle for months... spend your entire winter constantly messing with helix to emerge in the spring having lost some of your playing ability since you dedicated 2000 hours toward helix and not playing anything more than a few licks that came to mind. But now the good news is that you are pretty adept at using helix and have some good patches setup so you can finally get back to playing and enjoying guitar. I'm exaggerating a bit here, well maybe - bottom line is helix is a massive time sink.... do you WANT or NEED that right now?
  18. Thought I'd put these here. The Boss waza-air are headphones specifically designed for guitarists.. These would be the best you can get. they ain't cheap. but the are the best.
  19. just saw this today, thought I'd share... not a lot of specifics, but it's clear the Helix is now his primary pedalboard.
  20. Not sure I agree - that would cost development cycles and open up support needs/requests. and no one really uses chromebooks or linux for audio or production work. it's not a good use of Line6's resources to open up for those platforms. I'd rather they worked on making the product better for the 99.9% of users on PC & Mac.
  21. I have an always connected audio interface to my PC (windows) and use it as my primary audio control. I run XLR stereo out of my Helix for wet signal, and I drop in two "Sends" blocks right at the beginning of the chain for stereo dry out to 1&2. This method takes up 4 spots in total, but lets me have full access to my studio monitors with individual line control at my finger tips by turning knobs on the interface instead of software sliders. I also setup Windows audio to play through the (virtual) SPDIF OUT of the interface which pipes in my general PC audio through the interface for recording and hearing whatever I play on my PC (YouTube, MP3s, etc.) as well as it plays out through my studio monitors and I don't get any humm or buzz that often happens if you run a physical cable from the PC to the Audio interface. Basically - I have no physical audio cables connected to the PC, only 1 single USB connection through the audio interface. the Audio interface handles all audio inside itself so there's no latency (maybe 2-3ms at most, but it's a zero latency unit so it's darn close to zero). the only small thing with this setup is the audio interface must be on at all times you are using the PC, but for me it's silent so I just leave it on. If I could share one lesson I learned with buying audio interfaces - if you think you'll ever do any recording or play multiple instruments then don't short yourself on inputs, you'll always wish you had more! getting a more expansive and better quality unit is worth the added cost; and relatively speaking they cost less than guitars, amps and other gear.
  22. If you are doing via USB it won't work - chromebooks are not windows or mac based, they are their own OS by google as DunedinDragon mentioned. if you want to run an audio cable out of the headphones of the chromebook and then into one of the 1/4" inputs, probably the only way I can think of.
  23. kringle

    Power Cabs?

    More great stuff! I haven't had chance to mess with it yet, but it's at the top of my todo list when I get a chance. I am suspecting now my input is way too low as I usually run master volume at 50% so I have adjustability during the show and I have an amp mentality where I am expecting the PC+ to drive the volume/power even if the volume to it is low.
  24. kringle

    Power Cabs?

    OK, now you have me interested in retrying a few things and that video is a good view into his workflow. I'll share what I find.
  25. kringle

    Power Cabs?

    waymda, What's your situation like? I play small 50-200 person venues without house sound and most are not acoustically designed for live music. I'm playing with bass, acoustic drums, singer, and another guitarist. We play Pearl Jam, STP, Killers, Foo Fighters, Black Keys, Green Day, Chili Peppers. We're definitely competing sonically even when we do our best to EQ the three guitars into their own space. by comparison, it's no where near the cutting power of a PRRI, Mesa Amp, or a pair of good PAs. I could easily see if you are playing more open songs, you are not competing with another guitar or full band, and the songs are slower & cleaner... yes, then they would do great. Just like it works fine for me at home. I think it comes down to your band, what music you play and your venues.
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