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Is this possible? Helix/Stomp to Pod Go


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Hello everyone,


I own a Pod Go and have been looking for presets to purchase and tweak to my liking.


I've purchased many different presets, and really like them but I've also noticed that there are not many people selling presets for the Pod Go. Usually they are recreations of one of their Helix/HX patches adapted for the Pod Go.


Lately, I've been watching YouTube videos of Helix and HX Stomp users making presets and giving their tips etc.


On to my question...


The Pod Go Edit software does NOT have the ability to open Helix/HX Stomp preset files, only Pod Go Edit files.


Being that I don't have a Helix or HX Stomp is there a way I could purchase Helix/HX presets and view the amp/cab and other pedal settings? This way I can recreate them on the Pod Go. I'm not looking for freebies, but I just need to see the numbers to recreate them on my Pod Go.


Is there software that might allow me to view the preset settings of the Helix/HX Stomp files?


Thanks in advance for help with an odd request!

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If I download HX Edit for Windows 10 can I open a helix file to view it even though I don't own a helix and it would not be plugged into the USB?


I'm interested in recreating HX Edit presets to Pod Go Edit presets.


I don't mind spending the money on some good preset packs for the HX Edit and copying parameters over to Pod Go edit. Of course due to DSP limitations I'll have to make compromises. But I need a way to open the HX Edit files even though I don't own a Helix or HX Stomp but rather the Pod Go.


Does the Helix or HX Stomp have to be plugged into the USB to view the contents of the file?

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There are a couple ways of doing this. I've used both when I wanted to look at interesting Helix presets.

  1. Download the files and open it in a text editor. Any text editor will work.
    Preset files are actually JSON files - don't worry about it being a computer language - when you open the file you will quickly see the block sections and figure the settings.
    You have to remember that Helix offers far more capabilities so you can use this as a way to get a flavour.
  2. Use an online viewer such as
    This has limitations as I don't believe it allows viewing of snapshots (which can be quite a limitation as most people selling presets use snapshots).

The other thing I would say, is that personally I've not purchased presets, I have download a few to see how a particular thing was done such as snapshots or allocating different parameters to a footswitch. This is a learning exercise rather than trying to get a quick tone.

I would then spend time building your own presets from scratch. This is by far the best way to get the tone you want. Spend time selecting different amps - don't just click them strum a couple chords and move on. Instead select 3 or 4 ones that you've either played or think you will like as you've heard them. Then spend time tweaking them so you get to understand what they offer. You've find that you probably end up with a short list of ones that you like. Then build presets around them adding OD, reverb, and other effects.

I'm new to PodGo but have found this to be the best way to get it working for me. It sounds like a lot of time, and it can be, but it should prove a better route.

BTW - John Cordy has a good preset library for POD Go which is about £3 - sounds cheap, but he's not really trying to make money from his presets - these would be a good place to look as well. 


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