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Hd500 Overdub Doesn't Work


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Help! Trying to use the looper on an HD500. I press REC (FS5) and play my bit. Great. Press FS5 again and it starts playing back. Looking at the Performance view, I see "Dub In" for FS5 and "Stop" for FS6. FS6 is lit up.


Now. According to the instructions, I should be able to press "Dub In" (FS5), play a bit, press "Dub Out" (FS5) again and what I just played will be mixed with the existing loop and play back for me. However, when I hit FS5, it does not change to "Dub Out" and the LED just flashes once. Nothing else happens. I hit FS5 a second time and the same thing. I don't think this is how it's supposed to work. Is there some setting that I'm missing somewhere?

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Well, jumping off from some posts on the old forum, I managed to get it to work. In case anyone else has this problem, here are some of the steps I followed.


- Tried a global parameter reset, nothing.

- Tried the "hold down DOWN and power up, then load latest firmware". Didn't work.

- Rolled back to 1.10. It worked, fixed the overdub problem. But when updating from 1.10 to 2.20 I got reboot cycle.

- Basically, I loaded 1.10, then 1.43, then 2.02, then 2.20. Each step I had to go back and forth a couple times until it worked.

- Now overdub works correctly in 2.20.

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