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Helix Global Issue


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So I had my Helix dialed in via snapshot banks and I have 1 bank of 8 snapshots for each song. I had my distortions and cleans and mixes per snapshots dialed in where I wanted it. Then randomly after not playing the unit for a week or two, I turned it on and ran into a terrible issue. All of my distortions were quieter and sounded terrible and my volume level per snapshot were all over the place. I cannot understand how this could happen. I backed it up and upgraded the firmware and still no fix. Again, things were dialed in and all of the sudden they weren't. They are still at the parameters I set but the volume on clean snapshots are louder than snapshots with distortion and the distortion sounds awful too. I can only think of trying to get a new unit and see if that fixes it unless someone has an idea? Thank you.

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46 minutes ago, cameronroot said:

I cannot understand how this could happen.

Hmm… 1 whole bank of presets with 8 snapshots in each and a week later they sound different?


O.K. how long did it take to get these right at gig level?


Ear fatigue - Fletcher Munson?


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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This sounds strange.

Are you saving your snapshots correctly?

Can you normally turn the Helix off and back on and your snapshots stay as they were?

I would just set up 2 snapshots, then save them and restart your Helix.  If that works fine then you are either OK - or you are doing something wrong - or your Helix is faulty, (and as some information is being saved, that does not sound likely.)

If you can't turn the thing on and off, you need to hit save twice before leaving that preset........see if that works.

If not, time to put in a support ticket.

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