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  1. Yes I know how to do parameters within a given snapshot. Things were in place for a year or so and no issues... This was a random occurrence and is a head scratcher.
  2. So I had my Helix dialed in via snapshot banks and I have 1 bank of 8 snapshots for each song. I had my distortions and cleans and mixes per snapshots dialed in where I wanted it. Then randomly after not playing the unit for a week or two, I turned it on and ran into a terrible issue. All of my distortions were quieter and sounded terrible and my volume level per snapshot were all over the place. I cannot understand how this could happen. I backed it up and upgraded the firmware and still no fix. Again, things were dialed in and all of the sudden they weren't. They are still at the parameters I set but the volume on clean snapshots are louder than snapshots with distortion and the distortion sounds awful too. I can only think of trying to get a new unit and see if that fixes it unless someone has an idea? Thank you.
  3. Okay I think I figured it out, appreciate the help! Looks like the swell was having something to do with it.
  4. Okay, what filter was doing that, the Reverb?
  5. I am just running through the PA and to ALTO powered speakers. The fade in/out issue has happened when I was playing through a Blackstar Club 40. So when you are switching between the different snapshots in the preset I uploaded, when you get to the "lead" it doesn't fade the volume in?
  6. Here is the snapshot. QS Snapshot.hlx
  7. Okay so I turned the Input Gate (assuming that's the noise gate) OFF and the problem still persists.
  8. No Noise Gate is present in the blocks, Firmware 2.82.
  9. I'm having two issues. One is that the volume/sustain seems to roll down and cut itself out, not a natural sustain happening. Sounds forcibly rolled down to no volume. The second issue is some snapshots, particularly my lead tone is starting a very low volume and ramping up to where it should be. Even while on the snapshot if I am not consistently playing something it will reduce its volume and ramp up again as I start playing.
  10. It wasn't on mute for some reason! Thanks for the help :)
  11. There is a problem existing where there wasn't before. The issue is on my Helix Floor, without making any changes that would permit this, when I'm in tuning mode it is not cutting the signal completely. I get a clear audible signal coming through. It worked properly and then for no reason of mine it is not working as it should.
  12. Yeah I meant to, on my phone I didn’t find the Helix forum it only gave me 3 choices of which to post in. I’ll get a post in there ASAP. the problem is when I click the tuner, the signal is supposed to cut and allow me to tune silently. There is a low signal coming through the amp in tuning mode.
  13. cameronroot

    Helix Floor

    My Helix is allowing a signal through my tuner all of the sudden where it wasn't before hand. Nothing was changes settings wise. I tried restarting the unit and the problem persists. Any thoughts on what is happening here?
  14. I’m looking to pair a powered speaker with my Helix. I currently play through a Blackstar Ht Club 40 and it performs very well for me. I’m trying to leave potential technical issues in the dust as much as possible. Applications will be Rehearsals and live playing. Ranges of music are between progressive dashes of jazz/rock/metal. I’m playing a Reverend Descent Baritone :)
  15. So I did change that path actually late last night and through headphones the latency was gone. My Blackstar is needing tubes replaced so I'll update when I get everything back up and running. Thank you for the help so far everyone!
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