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Workbench and OS Monterey

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On 4/26/2022 at 5:59 PM, magsterone said:

Any timeframe for the workbench hd and Monterey issue being resolved? thanks

What is the issue you're having exactly? Workbench HD is working fine on Monterey on my M1 Mac mini. When you say it's unable to load, are you talking about the non-verified software warning you get when you try to install it? You can override that by right clicking on the file and selecting "Open".

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Workbench HD will work with Monterey 12.4. if 1) use the Variax VDI USB interface 2) Variax battery has good charge 3) plug 1/4 inch into guitar to turn ON the variax

I can upload/download Variax presets.


Note however with my older music system High Sierra I can use the HX Edit  to communicate to the Variax and use Workbench HD (through the Helix w/HX Edit) to upload/download/modify Variax presets.  I can also switch presets on the Helix and see the changes occur in Workbench HD.


With Monterey if I Helix>HD Edit (NO VDI USB just Variax to Helix) and have Workbench HD open if I select Helix presets which have different Variax presets the Workbench HD does not show the correct Variax preset as defined by Helix.  It seems like the tone/preset is correct but it does not display properly.  Then If I select a Workbench HD Variax model it will randomly go to a different Helix preset and may or may not change the WHD Variax model --- so integration Helix<>HX Edit<>Workbench HD is Not working with Monterey.


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