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Hx stomp stereo/mono question…


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If you unplug the RIGHT Output, yes. That leaves the L/MONO Out which, as the name implies, sums the signal to MONO when there's nothing connected to the RIGHT Output.

From the manual:


25. XLR OUT Use balanced XLR cables to connect to your studio gear, or the house mixer, PA, or FRFR speaker(s) when playing live. When using a mono playback system, connect only the LEFT/MONO XLR jack.
IMPORTANT! Never connect the Helix device’s XLR outputs to a device whose XLR inputs have 48V phantom power enabled!
26. 1/4" OUT Use unbalanced 1/4" TS cables to connect to your guitar amp, FRFR speaker(s), studio monitors, or other playback system. When using a single amp or speaker, connect only the LEFT/MONO 1/4" jack.

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Except... I suffered from the elusive bug where it does not actually mix it down properly for 2 years... That bug was ultimately resolved by performing a system reset and restoring everything from the backup.  So now I have a 'sound test' preset where I have a hard-panned delay and check that it in fact mixes it down in mono before I play a show.  


Before the bug went I way, what I had to do is plug something into the right, then plug something into the left jack.  As crazy as it sounds, to me it was necessary on both my Helix LT and Helix Floor, in order for it to mix down my signal to mono.

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