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Master volume control of presets with an expression pedal and Morningstar MC8 controller


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Afternoon all


I want to use an expression pedal connected to my Morningstar MC8 to control overall patch/preset volume of my HX Stomp via MIDI.


I know I could assign the expression pedal to a volume block but I'd like to know what parameter in the amp block you guys (and gals) would assign it to if you had used up all the Stomp blocks ; channel volume or master volume?


Obviously the pros of the volume block are I could put it anywhere in the chain but assigning it to an amp parameter frees up that block for something else








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It depends on how and if you want to affect the sound by changing the volume.

  • Changing the Master volume of an amp usually affects the sound color just as it would if you change the master volume of a real life amp.
  • Changing the Channel Volume doesn't.
  • But then again, changing the Channel Volume of an amp may affect the sound of all blocks that you may have placed after the Amp block.

So if you want to control the volume absolutely "cleanly", you may want to assign the expression pedal to the Main Out volume parameter.

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On 6/6/2022 at 7:03 AM, DunedinDragon said:

No matter how you decide to do it, my sympathies go to your soundman who's going to spend all night trying to manage your gain staging on

the mixing board.


Haha! I'm just a mere bedroom guitarist so I've only got the family and neighbours to annoy for now

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