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Standard2 vs Mk1 - can anyone advise me on this?


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Hi, I've had a Variax Standard 2 Sunburst on order since Feb. Unfortunately it looks like there are long term supply issues (see below). Everywhere I've tried in the UK is out of stock. I've been offered a Mk1 at a slightly lower price. Apparently the same spec but made in a different factory - those of you in the know, any thoughts on this?



Sadly they have informed us that due to the major production issues/ delays they are not going to be able to fulfil our orders for the Line 6 Variax Standard 2 Sunburst I'm afraid.

However we have managed to secure a number of End of Line "open box stock" (great condition, original boxes etc) Mk1 models which specs wise are the same just made in a different factory. Given the current pricing they would be £799.00 for a new order but we would happily honour the price at £699.00 if you would like to amend to one of those instead 




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I've been hanging around this forum for many moons, and I've never heard of an Mk1 Variax model... doesn't mean they don't exist, but I'd make sure they're not offering you some other product entirely. One never knows anymore, and they wouldn't be the first retailer to try and pull a fast one...

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