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Can you MIDI trigger footswitch commands that were created for the hardware unit?


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I've figured out how to trigger snapshots, bypass blocks, volume pedal, etc using midi. But I can't figure out, if I download someone's Helix preset that has custom footswitch commands, can I trigger those footswitch commands with Midi in Helix Native at all? Or is this not an option? An example is someone has created a footswitch that turns the gain up on the amp block, or changes the mix level on a reverb. 



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On 6/14/2022 at 12:05 PM, soundog said:

There is a dedicated section in the Helix Native manual that details how to do this. You also need to know how to send/relay CC commands from within your specific DAW.

I couldn't find this in the manual. I can create new Automation controls but I don't see the ones that originally came with the patch, that were designed to be operated with the hardware footswitches

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On 6/18/2022 at 4:54 AM, louisplett said:

I couldn't find this in the manual. 



Helix Native 3.15 Pilot’s Guide - English - Pages 49-58

The Automation/Controller Assign Tab Native 3.15 Pilot's Guide - English .pdf


Plus, there is this video.



When dealing with a preset created by someone else, you don’t really know how they set the controllers to suit their situation- it would be better to make your own.

Hope this help/makes sense.

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