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Snapshot Reload


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Hi there! :)


I use a midi controller with my hx stomp. 
The problem is that if I load a snapshot sending PC message and then sending some CC messages to turn on or off different blocks I can’t return to the original snaphsot by reloading it. Sometimes I would like it to behave like this. So that the trails don’t get cut off when I have different presets on my midi controller sending the same midi messages. But it would be nice to have the option to change this. 

And the problem actually is worse in this next example:

Say if I have a rythm tone on snapshot 1, then a lead tone on snapshot 2 which is just a copy of snapshot 1 but with more gain. And then some effectblocks that are off. On some lead tones I would like some of those effects turned on. So I engage those effect blocks by sending CC messages. And when I’m done with the swirly solo with all that reverb and delay I would return to preset 1. 

So far so good. But then the next time I hit preset 2 it would be with all those effect blocks engaged. I would like to reload snapshot 2 the way it was when I stored the preset. 

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

the midi controller is a morningstar mc6 btw. 


Have a great day. :)

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Global Settings>Preferences>Snapshot Edits>Discard

Make sure that on the affected FX, "Snapshot Bypass" is ON (default - CHECKED in HX Edit).

Unless your MC6 is setup to send CCs that control those FX when you send the Snapshot message this should work.

I tested it with my FCB1010/UNO2 which simply sends the CC#69 Value (0-2) to select the Snapshot, not a CC assigned to the specific FX.

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On 7/25/2022 at 10:27 AM, matsraknerud said:

«Make sure that on the affected FX, "Snapshot Bypass" is ON (default - CHECKED in HX Edit


Hmm.  I don’t quite understand this. Snapshot bypass?


If you right-click an effect in HX Edit the pop-up menu includes an item called "Snapshot Bypass". When Checked, the SAVED bypass status of the effect is maintained when switching Snapshots. When UN-Checked, if you change that status, that condition will be maintained across Snapshots REGARDLESS of the SAVED status in other Snapshots.


IOW - If ALL Snapshots are SAVED with Delay BYPASSED.

If "Snapshot Bypass" is UN-Checked and you turn Delay ON in ANY Snapshot, it will REMAIN ON in ALL Snapshots.

If "Snapshot Bypass" is Checked and you turn Delay ON in ANY Snapshot, when you change Snapshots it will again be BYPASSED.

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