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Cannot Connect Variax to PC

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My old Win10 PC died (bad disk), and I cannot connect my Variax JT-59 to my new PC (also Win10). WorkbenchHD itself installs and opens, but the Variax driver doesn't. Two green lights show in the interface, but Variax USB Interface in Device Manager shows an error, saying the driver is bad. Monkey says the driver is not installed, and it will download it, but ends up downloading the same WorkbenchHD installation file that fails to install the driver every time. (I have the same problem with PODHD500 Edit on this PC--the program installs, but the driver fails.)


I installed WorkbenchHD on an old slow (Win 7 era) PC. The driver installed, I got the connection, and overwrote the guitar with the factory models, but the model names on the guitar were screwed up: Bpank-1, Sp`nk-3, and the like.


Any way to make this work with my new PC?


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What I downloaded: (Copied from download page)

Workbench HD

Version 2.15
Released 3/12/19

Works with:
Helix LT
Helix Rack
James Tyler Variax
Variax Shuriken
Variax Standard
Variax USB Interface

Enables Alt Tuning Preset Manager "Position" column to dynamically update in order to match connected guitar's tuning knob silkscreen.

Compatible OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
( 21 MB )
---------End Copy-------------------
What else is there to check? I have the right file.
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This is a stretch but I've seen people have issues with laptops that have an SD card in them. So, is it a laptop? Here's the quote from the thread...


"Ok, this appears to be solved. I had an SD card in my laptop. I followed another user's suggestion from a different thread and ejected the SD card, and now HX Edit launches with no problems. Cheers."


I know this isn't real helpful. Just trying to come up wth ideas.

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