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Would this audio interface work with my X3?


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I'm considering picking up an audio interface since my sound card is old and obsolete and I can't even find 64 bit drivers for it. Here is one idea:|tkp%3ABk9SR77fsqnlYA


But whatever interface I pick up I will need to hook up my X3 to it so I can record my guitar into Reaper. Also I need to be able to listen to music within Reaper so it would need to act as a sound card.


I was wondering if the one above would work with my X3. I do not know how I would do the hook-ups though.


If you think you can recommend something better please post.

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I don’t have an opinion on the specific interface you link to, but I have a general comment. You can hook your X3 up to any audio interface and use the interface device as your computer’s soundcard when recording, using Reaper or any other DAW. If using a separate audio interface you simply connect your X3 analog audio outputs to the interface’s audio inputs.


It sounds like you may not be aware that your X3 is itself an audio interface. You don’t need a separate audio interface device. You can connect the X3 to your computer via usb and it will become your computer’s soundcard. You can designate it in Reaper as the audio device and have multiple recording options, including the ability to record both dry and wet signals simultaneously on different tracks using Tone 1, Tone 2, or both. You could record 4 tracks simultaneously: Tone 1 wet, Tone 1 dry, Tone 2 wet, and Tone 2 dry. Record yourself singing and playing guitar with the processed guitar and vocal signals on separate tracks, and the associated dry signals also on separate tracks.


Edit: I believe you and I had an earlier discussion about using the X3 for recording and the settings in the Line 6 Audio MIDI control panel item. Did you ever get that figured out?

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I am aware that the X3 can be used as a sound card. But I still would like to pick up a separate audio interface. I'm looking at some right now and I think I found one that is not too expensive and it has good reviews plus if I don't like it I can return it for a refund.


I just found out from Toontrack that both EZ Drummer 3 and Superior Drummer 3 require running inside a 64 bit host to avoid problems.

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