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Is Http://line6.com/customtone/search/ Not Working ?


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Hello everyone


First of all I may be wrong on everything, if so, explain me why because it will be useful to me.


I just want to share my deep disappointment about http://line6.com/customtone/search/


It must have been coded by monkeys. That is the only explanation I have.


- there are 2 search bars, which is completely useless and sends a bad quality feeling

- Here is a tone : http://line6.com/customtone/tone/224425/ Try to find that tone with a search (search for metallica, that was just your life or anything matching it). I can't find it in any search result. Why ? How to trust a search tool that doesn't find what it should ???


http://line6.com/customtone/ is so NOT user friendly. You cannot browse through bands/songs/ or whatever you want. No, you have to browse a huge list that contains everything, or use a search that does not find everyting that matches the query.


I am sure that any homemade sharing website would do the job.

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Agreed! The search is horrible. For that matter, the whole custom tone section should be reinvented.


Custom Tone should be capable of:


Searching using partial key words.

Search via any perameter (amp model, user name, guitarist, tone type etc)

Advance search (I only want Phd pre models)

Dream rig tones that would include hd 500, variax models/turnings and DT or L-series settings

Variax only settings

DT only settings


Do that and you'd have a good starting customtone site.

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Search function not working at all. No matter what I search for, I just get "No Tones found." Hope this gets fixed. This was a huge selling point for me, being able to find tones others have come up with. All I can do is browse, "Hey I wonder if there's a good tone on page 146!"

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Once you navigate all the way through the previous pages, 5 or 10 at a time, until you get to page 146 :)


Even a "go to page whatever" button would be a big improvement. At least you'd be able to browse few a few and continue where you left off the next time.

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This issue has me looking at other options for my music hardware and software. When I purchased my Pod X3 Pro it was supposed to be Rolls Royce of the Line 6. Line6 quickly ditched Gear Box and have left the Pod X users to deal with a limited resource for patches and with a Search that can't respond makes my system redundant and me feeling burned. One workaround for the "Search issue, is to view all of the Pod X3 top rated Custom Tones. Then just work down each page selecting and saving tones to a file on my desktop. This way I can concentrate my search on the best tones. When I have tired of the search I bookmark the page and then I can return  to where I left off. When I am sure I have a tone that I want to keep I move it to my Gearbox/User file to interface it with my Pod X3. Hope that helped.

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