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Setting intonation on JTV-59

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The JTV guitars come with a set of hex wrenches in varying sizes. One of them fits the saddle adjustment set screws. Fit the short end of the wrench into the screw head and turn the wrench using the longer end - you shouldn’t have to remove anything.

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Ah. I bought mine used and it didn't come with any hex wrenches. As far as I can tell standard hex wrenches have a small section of the "L" that is too long to fit between the guitar bridge pickup and the bridge. Are the Variax hex wrenches of a custom shaft size?

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I guess I wasn't clear. I know the hex size I need. A hex key has two shafts; a long shaft and a short shaft. My problem is the length of the short shaft of the standard key is too long to fit between the bridge pickup and the bridge. My question is are the dimensions of the Line 6 key shafts themselves non-standard?

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