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Chords Sound Terrible - Fret Work???

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I have a cherry JTV-59 I purchased used but in “mint” condition. I ended up having to buy a charger and workbench cable but otherwise the guitar was in mint cosmetic and functional condition. Or at least I thought until I started playing it more regularly. I can tune this thing to perfect on a clip-on polytuner and it tones out right one open string at a time. However when I play any kind of chord, with the same pressure on the strings that I apply to my strat, the chord is horribly out of tune. So therefore would any kind of single string played on the same frets.  So I took it to get a setup at GC and it came back and it still sounds like crap when I play a Dm or any other chord for that matter. So I started looking at the thing a little more closely and the frets on the guitar are huge compared to my other guitars. So I broke out the calipers and measured. The fret width is identical to my strat, but the fret height is .0545” vs my strat at .0365”. So I know it’s only 20 thousandths but it’s making a difference. So my question is are these frets stock or is it likely that guitar has had a jumbo fret replacement sometime in it’s life?



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Comparing it to a Strat or Gibson is a big mistake. It's more than likely the set-up.

And climate differences (temperature and humidity) from where it was to where it is, will affect the set-up.


Stock frets are Jescar 57110. Has enough material to work with when the time comes to work and level frets.


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