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Unable to update firmware on JTV-69 from 2.21 to 2.23

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When I connect with the Variax USB cable I made sure my battery is charged and plug in the 1/4 inch jack too. The guitar light flashes red so I unplug the 1/4 inch jack and plug it back in. I get two green lights for less than a minute. Making sure I have green lights I open Monkey, reset the light and all I have is USB interface and driver software. I reinstalled everything. The Variax doesn't show. I try to use the button for "change device" and then "I don't see my device" and I get the USB interface and using the MIDI connection button I can get Tyler Variax but no rational MIDI options. It fails.


Using my Helix I instantly see the Variax and it tells me what firmware version I have. It's not supposed to workbut it is closer than the update cable. I run the update and it fails'


As far as I can tell it's not possible to update. Is it worth pursuing or is there nothing worth it in 2.23? Any advice? I'm frustrated.

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