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Some Joy In The Sea Of Discontent


The last few sessions with own own version of a Dream Rig have been so enjoyable, I felt the need to share it here, especially sInce I have been moderately vocal about the goings on at Line6 since the Yamaha buy out.

My setup is a JTV59 -> POD HD500 -> BossRC-30 Loop Station -> Tech21 Power Engine (x2).  I am not gigging regularly with this setup at present, but I will likely be taking it to an upcoming open mic affair.  In preparing for that, I have REALLY dug into the bowels of my rig and instead of lamenting what I perceived I couldn't do with it or otherwise focusing on it's shortcomings (real or perceived).  The results have been startling to say the least, especially since I damn near sold it all off recently.  The things that have made it different include:

  • Using the Cabinet parameters, especially the Lo Cut and Early Reflections parameters.  Doing this has allowed me to taylor, for example a 12" Deluxe Reverb cabinet into more of a 10" Princeton type sound.
  • Copious use of EQ to weed out the crazy overtones and tame to signal path where it needs it.
  • Observing the "less is more" rule of effects use.  Sure, I can make whacky sounds that some of the more esoteric effects provide, but at times just a pinch is even better for that "is it really there" type of effect -- especially with modulation type effects.
  • Using multiple delays (of multiple types) and using synchronization in sequence to provide some very tasty backdrops for looping.
  • Stepping outside my comfort zone of prefered effects.  Fotr example, I almost reflexively grab the 63 Spring reverb out of long time habit.  But I have found that the Octo reverb is an exellent pad type tone to add to many of the type of sounds I do with my rig.  Great dscovery there.  Also, the Echo is very useful as well as Tile reverb at times.
  • Learning to love Compression.  As a long time Fender tube amp buy, I always felt that compressors stole my dynamics.  But in the context of the POD, it adds so much clarity while keeping the notes discernable.  I like it so much, I got an Xotic SP Compressor (with a blend knob) for my analog rig and it stays on all the time now.


So I guess what I am saying is what another member said somewhere along the trail of tears that has been here recently -- "I am just going to have fun with what I have" I believe were their exact words.  It's worth remembering this at all times to me, and even more so as we all wait for Line6 to establish it's new directions as a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha.

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