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JTV69 intonation

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Recently received a used 2014 JTV69. Noticing the intonation is off on strings 1-2-3. New Elixer 10's. On saddle 1 & 3 I absolutely cannot turn the position adjustment spring loaded screw. It is as if they have fused to the saddle? (they may have never been adjusted in the past?). Don't know what to do? Any suggestions?


Is it possible to buy just the new saddles (and screws) for this guitar without having to replace the entire bridge assembly? Not entirely sure how to remove the piezo saddle without damaging it? Not sure how long that wire is?

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Best to take it to an a Line 6 authorized service center near you and have them check and adjust the set-up, including intonation.

Magnetic pick-ups need to be set correctly as well to avoid pick-up to piezo interactions in model mode. An authorized tech will know

how to do that.


Use the mini pull down menu for centers that do guitars.


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Hey Psark ... I live very rural on a gulf island, west coast Canada. Taking it to a service centre in Vancouver is not realistically possible (too far, too expensive, three ferries etc.) and sending it by courier both ways is expensive but it would be the only way I would consider, coupling it to the cost of the service would be very expensive. I would try anything first that I can do myself. Neck relief and action is fine. All Piezo's work. If I could just turn those adjustment screws and move the saddles I'd be happy. I did intonate string 2. String 1's saddle is definitely too far back. I am hoping some penetrating oil might free that adjustment screw, but like I said, I think it is fused to the saddle?


Another question ... are the Line 6 Li-Ion batteries available now? Yamaha Canada said ~8-12 weeks from time of order?

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DO NOT use oil.

Not fused to saddle, part of it is string tension.

This is not a DIY operation, and set-up on one of these is not like doing a Strat or some other generic passive electronic guitar. 

Should be done by a tech with experience with this guitar. Certain quirks that make all the difference. Will save time, expense

and a lot of grief in the end.


Li-Ion batteries are trickling out there. Can only get so many at a time,... some shipping safety thing in regards to large quantities of Li-Ion's.

So it's limited shipments at a time. But they shipping. Don't know the ETA's, it keeps changing with logistic bottle necks. Keeping checking in

with Yamaha Canada.



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Recently went on a guitar set up course with Crimson guitars. Fitted a new Parklane roasted maple neck to my JTV 69, did a complete set up and set the intonation no problem. You do have to be careful not to pull on those piezo wires though! However I would say you do have to release string tension every time you make an adjustment, but you'd do that with any regular guitar.

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