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JTV VDI-USB adapter not compatible with the Standard Variax?


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Just received a used Variax standard that I bought from ebay. it didn't come with its VDI-USB interface.

So I used the one I had for my JTV-69 and it seems incompatible... Is it so?

Is there a way to get my hands on these "newer" VDI adapter?

I can use the Variax with my Helix floor, but I cannot connect it to Workbench, either through the Helix floor or the JTV VDI-USB interface.

So I think the adapter hardware change somehow since the James Tyler Series.

the end resukt: if I want to create/use custom models via Workbench, it is currently impossible.



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I've forgotten to mention this: clearly, since workbench doesn't recognize the Variax Standard it is because it is currently running on an old firmware.

I suppose that I need the VDI-USB adapter only to be able to update to the latest firmware. Afterwards, I won't be using it much...

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