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Just Wondering.... HD500X vs. Helix Support


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Greetings all...


I am just wondering if anyone has ditched their HD-500x in favor of the Helix.  Getting my HD Edit software to work correctly on MacOS Mojave is a tedious process that involves reinstalling the Drivers every time that I want to use my 500x.  I cannot get it to run at all on macOS Catalina.  


Does Line 6 support the Helix better than they are supporting the HD-500x?


I have not gone to the Windows version of the HD Software because I record using Logic, a Mac-only software recording program.


I would love to hear from anyone who has made the change to Helix.





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I loved my HD500x expecially through my DT-25.  Unfortunately, the DT-25 was not very reliable and finally bricked when I tried upgrading to version 2.0.  I moved to helix LT, then to Helix Floor because it was a lot more sturdy (at least imo).


I am very happy with the Helix.  I tried to replicate my patches from the 500x as a start.  That was not really successful.  I have spent tons of time reading (Jason Sadites, John Nathan Cordy, and some other guy :) ) and have learned alot about the helix from them as well as trial and error.


Knock on wood, the support has been very good.  I had only one upgrade where i got in trouble, but Line6 quickly got me unstuck.


So if possible, I suggest upgrading to the helix.  I also have the PC +112, and PC+212 and I really like both of those.


Best of luck to you.  Also, there are a lot of smart and helpful people on this site that are glad to go through this journey with you!


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On 7/9/2023 at 4:58 PM, Lamont32 said:

I am just wondering if anyone has ditched their HD-500x in favor of the Helix.

That can't be a real question. LOL. 



This question would be better asked in the Helix section. Anyone who dropped the 500 isn't going to be reading the 500 posts.

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Thanks for the replies PaulTBaker & Pianoguyy.   I will take a look through the Helix forums and see what the current users have to say.  I like the 500x, but am tired of fighting with the software for it.  Product support for orphaned gear is not easily found.


Thank you!

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