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Jtv 89f Alternate Tunings Are Messed Up

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my new jtv89f came with all of the alternate tunings out of whack.

the only settings that seem ok are in the acoustic bank ..

all the others are screwy ... mainly the high e string sounds sharp

on everything ...

depending on which model bank and which alt tuning , there are various strings out of pitch ..

but mainly the high e string on every thing i try.


i haven't done anything to it myself .... i don't understand why it came like this  ...

i have downloaded the Workbench stuff , but i haven't had a chance to get familiar with all that stuff yet ....

i don't really get into the techie geeky tweak stuff ... i'm more of a presets guy ...

my XT live has more presets than i'll ever use 

i would happy with whatever firmware settings it was supposed to be shipped with..

i wonder has anyone else experienced this problem....

i would hate for the guitar to be defective

how do i get these default settings  working right ?


is there a way to reset this thing to what it was supposed to be....

without having to spend 2 weeks learning how to use Workbench ?


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I've never played a guitar right out of the box that didn't need some degree of set-up work, especially the intonation..I'd check that first. Out of whack intonation can make the alt. tunings do a lot of strange things. Especially if one string is worse than the others, this could easily be the culprit. After that, try updating and/or reflashing the firmware. Sometimes that fixes weird issues...of which there can be many. And it might sound stupid, but make sure you're turned up loud enough that you're not hearing the guitar acoustically, as this will obviously clash with whatever tuning you've selected. Even with headphones its still possible if you're not cranked loud fooled me at first. All the JTVs seem to be quite resonant guitars. It might be ringing louder than you think.


And I know you said you don't like to tweak things...if you really hate doing that, this might not be the guitar for you. Workbench is a godsend for way too many reasons to get into thru the forums and you'll get the idea. Without it, I'd say 90% of customers probably wouldn't have kept them. And you will need it too. Way too many variables with playing styles, the tones you're looking for. etc, for the stock settings to work universally. Hardly anybody leaves all the models on their default settings (especially individual string volumes). Don' get will take time to get used to this instrument...doesn't matter how good you are or how long have you've been at it...there's a learning curve with these things.

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