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My jtv 69 drops one half step when playing live. Help

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I purchased a JTV 69 a couple of years ago to be the one guitar needed for a gig.  Mostly terrific and I had it professionally set up and use 09 string sets, I developed a problem where when I am using the les paul standard setting, on occasion, the guitar just drops a half step.   Most noticible here and in the middle of a gig, it sucks.   I then hit the modeling off button and it usually resets or the same when I remove the battery and then put it back.   The upper tunings button usually begins to flash and I get a strange warbling tone when it does this.


I had it in a local authorized shop who failed to fix it and then sent to line 6 in california   last year where they had it working.until recently.  Not sure what gives but guitar plays great unitl this

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wow, thanks.  I just adjusted these screws and the problem resolved.  Wonder why when I sent this to line 6 the first time noone told me about this and I have not seen this suggestion anywhere else.    I was planning to send this back in but I have a gig tuesday.  Will see how it goes.

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 adjusted the screws and played Tuesday night.  It was great until toward the end of the set the tuning dropped while playing live again.  I need to have this fixed. As I am not touring and using this constantly, there has to be a better fix, no?  One of the screws does not tighten but the other is tight by the tuning modeling switch.   Before I send this back is it possible there is a defect either in the switch or the original grounding.   Don't see too many people mentioning this but it is a problem when playing live.   When I go to the guitar pickups and then back to the modeling it clears itself up but i need reliability to trust the instrument.  Love the guitar but this is getting old.

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