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Rackvax - Variax 13pin conversion module.

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brue58ski, "... I remember something like this and it used original Variax hardware and not the JTV's. ".

Yes, the Parker Fly had a Variax 700 Electric board in it.


Original RackVax was a rack mounted JTV board with connectors on the panel. One problem would be

the programming. There are many programs, depending on which body switch and pick-up configuration

it is going into. JTV board is therefore NOT a-one-size-fits-all situation.


Another problem was support. RackVax is not a Line 6 product, therefore unsupported by Line 6,

so it would be use at your own risk.


Other problem is, it won't sound the same using other guitars.


All that's left are the connector widget on the site.


Problem is, it claims it's compatible. How much so is not totally spelled out. So it's a use at your own risk proposition.



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