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Custom Model/Tuning Knobs

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Is anybody making custom model/tuning knobs, so I can visually see the names of things that I've changed in Workbench?  Like, I don't need half the models in a variax, but I have multiple versions of les paul for example.  Or that I use all 5ths tuning or Drop C more than I'll ever use Open A.  But I hate trying to memorize them and the remember on stage.  

Or has anyone tried customizing their own?  It seems like getting them lined up perfectly and getting the lights to shine through would be....fiddly.  

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I....what?  I've used Workbench for years and I've never seen anything about customizing the knobs?  Is there like a print option or a Photoshop template or something in a menu I've never heard of?  


On 8/15/2023 at 11:29 AM, psarkissian said:

Yes they do, using the Workbench HD application,...


... free on the Downloads page.


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I expect there’s some misunderstanding of what exactly your question is. Can you be more explicit?

Are  you talking about little teeny pieces of paper or something that you would afix to the knobs that would

hide the fixed labels and still allow the backlight to shine through so that only the custom labels are visible?


 Or are you asking about the labels on the physical knobs (model/tuning), and whether someone is making knobs that have transparent labels that can somehow be made to display the custom names for models and tunings that can be modified in Workbench? 


In either case I am not aware of it. In the latter case it seems to me that would require more than knob replacement. The knobs themselves would have to have to have LED ‘scribble strips’ capable of receiving and displaying variable text information. It would require an associated firmware update to cause the custom model/tuning names to be sent to the LED knobs for display purposes. I can’t see this change happening.


Workbench HD permits you to define custom model names (I can’t recall if it’s possible to name custom tunings) and have them displayed within the Workbench program. The model names are also displayed in a Variax parameter field of a VDI-compatible device like Helix and the HX Edit program. I believe that’s what psarkissian was referring to. There is no Workbench menu item for Print, or Photoshop export, or anything else like that.


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