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Can't make my Ux2 work on my new pc

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Hey everyone. 


I've been an UX 2 user for almost 7 years and never had a problem, until now.


I bought a new computer with an I7 13700, 32 Gb ram and etc... a high-end system.


1st thing I did was installing my UX 2 and podfarm 2. I got the guitar and there is just a buzzing, piercing noise coming from the speakers and I am desperate since I have no idea how to get it sorted and what is the conflict.


Tried also with STL to check if it was Pod farm but nah, same thing. Terrible noise. 


I've checked the settings over and over but can't figure what is wrong. Downloaded ASIO also, just in case but nothing, same story. 


With my old computer (almost 9 years old) everything worked perfectly. With this new one there must be something I am missing, I guess/hope. 


Any idea what could it be? This is just so frustrating.



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