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4 cable method issues


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Hello everyone,

im using the 4 cable method to connect my PodGo to my ampli Bugera 333. It sounds amazing pre fxloop, (i mean distortion, noise gate...) but i have no modulation. No reverb, no delay. I already checked cables...they are in the right spot. Any suggestions will be great.

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Please describe your cabling setup exactly. Sometimes users believe they are properly connected when in fact they are not. Does that amp have an FX Loop?

Also, where in the signal chain are your modulation, delay, reverb etc. blocks? Pre or post FX Loop block?

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I have a similar issue. And I've tried to reproduce a "real chain", so:

  • Guitar to POD Go input
  • POD Go Wah, OD, etc.
  • POD Go amp & cab disabled
  • POD Go FX Loop enabled
  • POD Go send
  • Amp input
  • Amp pre
  • Amp send
  • POD Go return (setting like return, no like aux)
  • POD Go mods, delays and reverbs
  • POD Go main out L
  • Amp return

And everything between POD Go return and POD Go main out L (mods, delays and reverbs) it doesn´t sound.

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