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what software is best for downloading IRs to pod go wireless


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To update Pod Go firmware, create backups, create set lists, and import/export IR's you should be using Pod Go Edit.  The latest Pod Go Edit is v1.41 if you are a PC user or v1.42 if you are a Mac user (essentially the same as v1.40 but with minor bug fixes only).  The latest Pod Go firmware is still v1.40.  Public release of the new Pod Go firmware upgrade (v2.0) is anticipated within the next 30 days (Line 6 accidentally let slip, albeit now withdrawn, a copy of the planned press release dated for 7/11 into the public domain, but the date could change).  Whenever a new firmware upgrade is launched, there are instructions that will always refer to updating Pod Go Edit first and then letting Pod Go Edit create backups and guide you through the  Pod Go firmware set-up process.   


You can get the latest Pod Go Edit from here:

Just select Pod Go, & Pod Go Edit & your operating system.   


As @silverhead said, it's then very simple to drag/drop new IR's in. Make sure you are draggng in the .wav file version and that you have first exported IR's collectively into separate IR wav files that may be provided as a Zip file - you can't import a set of IR's as a zip file.   Don't worry about file sixe - Pod Go Edit adjusts these automatically. 

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Thanks for the quick response.

I am using pod go edit (1.40), I couldn't download 1.41 because Im running windows 7, my problem is more towards the format the IR is after I download it to my computer, Voxman55 you mentioned having the IR as a .wav file, they do have .wav after the IR, but when I try to drag them into the pod go I still get the circle with the line thru it and it wont go into the IR section of the pod go, maybe I should I download a different type of wav file software to convert the IR?


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On 10/13/2023 at 10:04 AM, wobrien54 said:

Thanks Voxman55 I’ll try that

Just a thought, but i'm wondering if it might be because of the length of the file name.  Pod Go won't accept it if it's too long.  Try 'save as' and renaming it to something reasonably short (but make sure you keep the .WAV suffix) and then try drag 'n drop. 

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