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Questions about screws


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Good morning Line6 team. My name is pedro. Firstly, I apologize for the broken English, I speak from Rio Claro - São Paulo, Brazil and I am not fluent in your language.

I intend to attach my Helix LT to a Pedalboad made of wood, and I need some information.

The plan is as follows, remove some screws from the cover (base) of the Helix, replacing them with some longer ones, in order to secure the pedalboad together. Looking at the profile, the following situation would appear.

Screw, washer, wooden board, helix feet and finally the helix lt, I hope I was able to explain, but I'm sending a simple drawing too.

Anyway, my questions are:

What are the strongest points on the helix (which screws to replace)?

What is the thread pattern of the screws and measurements of the original screws (I believe that Helix uses the standard in inches)?

Thank you for your attention and help! I wish you a merry christmas !

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