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White noise like tuning radio with HX Stomp XL as Audio Interface

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I want to use HX Stomp XL as audio interface.

My problem is that simple audio playback and recording are as noisy as changing frequencies between radio stations.

The sound is unrecognisable. Sound file attached.


Of course, I installed HX Edit and the firmware, everything is the latest version.
The pedal works perfectly with the bass, I can also work properly in HX Edit.
I did reset Stomp to factory settings. The problem persists.
There are no special settings in the Audio MIDI setup. 48000khz and Steam 1. (image attached below)
I also checked the cables.

Attached the Ableton settings image below.
Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 was previously installed on the Macbook, which works flawlessly (and all other audio interfaces too). Could this be interfering with Stomp?


OS and software versions:
- macOS Sonoma 14.3.1
- HX Stomp XL Firmware 3.71.0
- HX Edit 3.70
- Line 6 Helix Driver2 Version 1.5.0
- DAW: Ableton Live 11 lite version 11.3.21


I read the HX Stomp maunal, asked Google, Youtube, AI to review the docs and asked him, but I couldn't find the solution.
What did I miss? Any ideas?


I tried it on Dell Inspiron with Windwos 10, that one is a bit older notebook. Focusrite was also installed before, tried with it, then uninstalled it as its possible. But the results were the same.


Audio MIDI Setup



Ableton settings


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