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Anyone Using An L2t And L2m As A Stereo Pair?

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Just curious as to your opinions and experiences if so.  I am looking at completing the so called Dream Rig where I alsready have a JTV59 and POD HD500.  Acoustic tones are as important to me as electric tones which I've heard leaves the DT25 out, but correct me if I am wrong..

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   I have a JTV59 and a HD500X. I bought a L2T and I am very happy with it. It does a good job of amplifying the acoustic tones, and a good job with the heavy tones as well. It's powerful, pretty portable, and I haven't had any real trouble with it at all. Overall, I am very happy with it, and don't really miss using my tube amp nearly as much as I thought I might. I would definitely recommend it as an option for those who need the acoustic tones.


   I would like to have another one or a L2M for stereo for the other side, but don't have the cash for both right now, and I am finding it is not really needed. 2 of them would be overkill for me, though I do love ambient stereo sounds - maybe someday...

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In general, you will probably get what you want quicker from the L2's than with a DT25; though, for what it's worth I have a DT25 combo and a pair of L2t's. They all sound really killer, and though the DT25 doesn't easily support the JTV59 acoustic modelling, there are definitely some functional ways to get around that.

Radatats came up with a way to program the HD500 using the dual amp function, where it essentially creates "no amp", which in terms of how the DT works, is really actually bypassing the digital preamps and sending tone directly into the power amp. I've messed with it some, but not extensively.


I also messed around with just running a 1/4" into the DT25 FX return, which basically does the same thing, in terms of bypassing the preamps. Since the typologies of the power amp are still in effect, there is a lot more exploring I will need to do to figure out what I personally like - but I can say both the L2 and the DT25 are friggin amazing pieces of sound machine.


I am mostly using the L2' as monitors for the M20d when we rehearse. I need to get some more $$$ in play before I can get the L3 in the mix, so I haven't done a ton with just running the Hd500 into the L2's and I also haven't tried using the HD500 with the L6Link into the L2.


Might be a while before I get to do that, so for what it's worth, here is the link to the posts about using the JTV acoustic tones with the HD500 and DT25 in link connection:

Acoustic Solution For Jtv With Dt Amps



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Good video - I hadn't seen that one before. Sean is talking about something I think is really interesting- using a "FRFR" - Full Range Flat Response speaker like the L3t or L2t INSTEAD of a guitar amp and letting the HD500x do the amp simulations. If you use an HD500x on top of an amp, you get a doubling of amp tones- if you use the HD500x with a FRFR amp, you get a lot of options in sound- including a sweet acoustic tone.


I started with an L3t and JTV69 trying to get that acoustic tone- Sean makes it look simpler than it is. He also suggests going to 11's for strings (JTVS seem to come with 10's) and he published a POD HD500 tone for the acoustic sound - I had ok results after changing to 11s and downloading the tone...


Adding the 2nd L3t (and next week the L3s!) and the M20d and running the HD 500x through the M20d is what I'm working with now... Getting there... Downloading different tones and developing/playing my own tones is fun! But time consuming and sometimes frustrating.



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