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Quick Studio Gx Query Before Buying

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Hi folks,


I am interested in the Studio GX to run on a Windows 7 64 bit laptop.  Can you tell me if aside from recording & playback in DAW, is it possible to have the amp sim software running alongside e.g. YouTube videos?  A big use of my portable set up will be for practising, and this monitoring of input alongside audio playback seems to be a common limitation of smaller interfaces for Windows (.e.g iRig HD)!


Thanks for any info you can give

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Yes. When your Studio GX is connected to your PC and you are running Pod Farm, the GX is your computer's soundcard. All audio produced by your computer, including Pod Farm output and general audio from YouTube, WinMedia Player, iTunes, etc. will be routed to your GX and you can monitor the mix at the GX audio outputs connected to headphones or external speakers/monitors.

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