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Jtv69 Hd500x Mesa Boogie 395

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Hi there! I just got my JVT69 and HD500x and i have been wading through manuals and watching video tutorials but can't find anything about using the JTV and HD500x and especially anything in depth regarding connections. Is it possible to run the magnetic pickups of the JTV69 using just the pre amps into my Mesa Boogie 395 stereo valve power amp and the Variax acoustic models into the PA seperately?

Is anyone using a similar set up? Any advice would be cool thanks!

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input 1=variax mags



path a=HD500x pre, last FX Loop with 0 return

path b=acoustic


mixer hard pan 100%L + 100%R

select acoustic model on variax.


connect FX send TRS STEREO out to Mesa Boogie 395 stereo valve power amp

connect right  1/4" (or XLR) out to PA



u cld also send a STEREO signal 2 PA, just put at leat one stereo FX block AFTER the mixer (note that mixer R is now centered and L is muted).


other possible layouts exist, pls try attached  'n adv if ok...




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