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Connecting Other Processors/modelers To Amplifi

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Dear all,


I've a few quick practical questions.


1- I see that Amplifi can successfully separate core guitar tone and effects, so as far as I understand, if I don't use any stereo effects or reverb etc. it only uses celestion speaker right? Or it also uses other 4 speakers even you have no effects and amp modeling (like bypassing modeling section)?


2- If I connect a multi-effects processor/amp modeler (pod hd500 for example) in "guitar-in" and use Amplifi as a speaker (again by-passing it's modeler section), does it use all five speakers or only celestion?


3- Is there any difference between connecting an amp modeler through guitar in vs. aux in regarding the speaker utilization, frequency range/distribution etc?


4- Elaborating question 3, if I connect variax through guitar in and use one of acoustic models, which speakers does Amplifi use, all speakers or only celestion?

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All 5 speakers are always on. Crossovers determine which frequency range goes to which speakers.


The guitar in is expecting an Instrument Level signal, the aux-in is Line Level, so for processors you will definitely want to use the aux in.

Also, the aux is stereo in, the guitar-in is mono.


For regular stomp boxes you would use the guitar in.


Hope that helps.

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Triryche - i'm still not quite clear. Line 6 has a functional wiring diagram on its sales page. It says that the wet/dry effects are separated and then presumably routed through separate speakers (dry through guitar speaker and the wet through smaller regular speakers(??). I don't really understand this setup.


My question is, if I used an effects modeler like an HD500 and ran the wet signal into the dry auxiliary input, will the net effect be the same as if I ran my guitar (dry) into the Amplifi amp input, and recreated the same effects via the Amplifi's internal effects modeler? (I do understand that the HD500 effects are higher quality than the Amlplifi's, but let's ignore that aspect.) this basically goes back to EFXTR's questions, but asks where and if the wet/dry separation and routing occurs.


Many thanks!

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