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  1. Ejcusa1 - thank you very much for your contribution to allowing people to roll iOS to the prior version. However, this is not the answer for everyone, since many people have dozens or hundreds of apps on their phone, and having to stay out of date just for one app is not really a solution. Shame on Line6 for assigning their resources elsewhere. This kind of insulting lack of product support is difficult to forget.
  2. Unbelievable. I don't know when Line6 posted this information that Amplifi app is not compatible with IOS 9, since there is no date on the post (http://line6.com/support/forum-70/announcement-70-ios-9-compatibility-statement). But I sure as hell didn't find out until it was too late. Why not a mass email? Why not something on the main Line6 page? Why not a post in the forum? Peeved, disappointed, and frustrated.
  3. Riccardo, if you figure this out, I would love to experiment with whatever patch you come up with. Amazing sound. Upload to Custom? If so, thanks!
  4. These are fantastic! I also came across your Synth Sounds video. I searched high and low for a posting of the patches for the latter, and couldn't find them. Will you post your work to Custom Tones or elsewhere? I would love to explore them! Thanks. - Fearmore
  5. Triryche - i'm still not quite clear. Line 6 has a functional wiring diagram on its sales page. It says that the wet/dry effects are separated and then presumably routed through separate speakers (dry through guitar speaker and the wet through smaller regular speakers(??). I don't really understand this setup. My question is, if I used an effects modeler like an HD500 and ran the wet signal into the dry auxiliary input, will the net effect be the same as if I ran my guitar (dry) into the Amplifi amp input, and recreated the same effects via the Amplifi's internal effects modeler? (I do understand that the HD500 effects are higher quality than the Amlplifi's, but let's ignore that aspect.) this basically goes back to EFXTR's questions, but asks where and if the wet/dry separation and routing occurs. Many thanks!
  6. Can't get to the server, either: error 80001019.
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