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  1. With express, unfortunately you can't. Currently, when you press a preset (A-D) button on express, it automatically loads first bank. I've opened a ticket and they tried it in their lab and confirmed the issue. I hope that they'll fix this on next update.
  2. Well, considering the capabilities of Line 6, I don't think that assuming that they can easily implement this functionality is 'highly inaccurate'. I believe that this forum as well as ideascale site is good tool to let Line 6 hear us better. I would be equally happy to hear offical statement that it's not possible to implement (I searched forum and couldn't find a offical response except stating that shortboard is capeble of bank change). Otherwise, I got your point and most probably you're right about their strategy.
  3. Which part do you think is inaccurate? As a customer, I have full right to ask the company what I want, it's up to their capability/marketing strategy/etc to implement this. I don't have their hardware or firmware code, what I know is, if you use midi via usb, you can assign bank change codes to specific button, so if this can be implemented on PC, they can implement smilar solution on Amplifi side if possible. As I said, I don't have -like many of us- the details regarding the capabilities of their devices but I highly believe that this issue can be solved via a firmware update on amplifi. Well, even it's possible, they might not to prefer to have an express pedal that competes with shortboard (why not?) or they might be busy with other projects, I don't know and honestly don't care. I would be happier customer if they implement this capability to express pedal, and no I'm not going to buy shortboard :)
  4. you can only use first bank via fbv express, moreover it's not possible to change the bank via pedals. They could easly add a function to let fbv express to change the bank (pressing two button ie A+C ->bank down, B+E -> bank up), and as all buttons have a led indicating ehether it's ctive or passive, LCD on the top of the unit can be used to indicate bank number between 0-9. I believe that it would be easy to implement but it seems that there are not many express users asking to have this functionality.
  5. Did you upload the tones to the cloud?
  6. I voted, hope they'll addd this feature soon.
  7. Dear all, I opened a ticket and just be informed by a support team member as below. I asked about future firmware update for this issue and I'll inform you as soon as I get the answer. Quote: ....this is a current limitation of the AMPLIFi Remote app and FBV controller integration. When the AMPLIFi Remote app is in use, it will be responsible for changing presets and banks outside of presets 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D which are assigned to the FBV Express MKII footswitches. Therefore presets locations 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D will always be assigned to the footswitches on your FBV Express MKII and the remaining preset locations will only be accessible from the AMPLIFi Remote app.
  8. Let's make Line 6 hear us better via their ideascale site. Better integration with FBV Express mkIIhttp://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Better-integration-with-FBV-Express-mkII/640195-23508
  9. After updating to new firmware (1.01) and app (1.2), fbv express changes preset to A, B, C, D of only bank 1. Whenever I try to change preset via ios app (ie bank 3, preset B ), tone changes accordingly but when I use fbv express to change the preset after selecting the bank with ios app (let's say preset C of current bank) it automatically loads preset (ie C or which button you pressed) of bank 1. So, Selecting Bank 3 - Tone B via ios app -> amplifi loads the tone properly -> Push the button C of fbv express mkii -> ios app and amplifi loads the Bank 1 - Tone C instead of Bank 3 - Tone C So, currently I can use fbv express mkII only with first bank, limited with 4 presets. Anyone with same experience?
  10. I hope they made/ will make the necessary update at firmware side to make bank change be available via express mkii.
  11. It's clear that currently it's not possible to use dsp part and the speakers part of amplifi seperately. You can easely put any stompbox before amplifi but you can not use anything between or after amplifi while using it's speakers, except you may use headphones out and might use that signal to feed and stomps and monitor it through another speaker system. So, if there is not any resteiction by hardware, it would be a practical solution to give an option to send the signal from amplifi's dsp to line-out without monitoring that signal through amplifi's speakers. So that amplifi only monitors signal from aux-in. That way, we can use loopers and other effects, probably using something between for different impedance issue. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/4CM-for-Amplifi/637650-23508
  12. It would be disappointing if they allow to use 100 presets only with shortboard, there are a lot of users that have express mkII, I hope that they'll find a way to utilize express mkII. For example, making A button preset up, B button preset down, C bank up, D bank down etc.
  13. yes: http://line6.com/support/topic/8183-pedal-fbv-express-disabled-when-iphone-connected/
  14. Same problem here, when you're connected via bluetooth to ios device and editing something, you can not use pedal or tone button on amplifi to change tone to a/b/c/d
  15. I wish we can search tones by usernames, thanks goes to you and dsmith B) Edit: now I realised that we can search by username, just enter username and search.
  16. Thanks alot, unfortunately I could't find many of the tones except of those listed in AMPLIFi: Greatest Hits.
  17. Update: I just received express MKII and I can confirm that there is no any noise or humming (even with high gain patches). I bof ought mine in Turkey and probably it's not one of the units of earlier batches.
  18. Dear Tony, thanks for answer. Is it generic error for a batch of the product? I mean is it possible to predict via serial number whether a particular device might have this issue before trying it with FBV?
  19. Thanks a lot Triryche, that made it clearer for me.
  20. Dear all, I've a few quick practical questions. 1- I see that Amplifi can successfully separate core guitar tone and effects, so as far as I understand, if I don't use any stereo effects or reverb etc. it only uses celestion speaker right? Or it also uses other 4 speakers even you have no effects and amp modeling (like bypassing modeling section)? 2- If I connect a multi-effects processor/amp modeler (pod hd500 for example) in "guitar-in" and use Amplifi as a speaker (again by-passing it's modeler section), does it use all five speakers or only celestion? 3- Is there any difference between connecting an amp modeler through guitar in vs. aux in regarding the speaker utilization, frequency range/distribution etc? 4- Elaborating question 3, if I connect variax through guitar in and use one of acoustic models, which speakers does Amplifi use, all speakers or only celestion?
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