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Hd500x For Bass?


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There was bass pod xt, but no more produced...

I think he has one of those, but with my other guitarist and I stepping up into the HD era with the L2Ts, he's kinda left behind. Was hoping there was something equivalent for him. :)

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The Pod X3 had a good bit of Bass amp models on it.  I the HD500x I think has two models, one being the Fender Bassman but it does have Ampeg as well. Not a lot of options, but a couple of effects that useful for Bass. Most bassist I've known were more into getting a Bass amp with a lot of headroom so they can shake the room well, hence why I dont' thinkt the L6 Bass offerings ever took off that well. I've used it from time to time on Bass to record so I don't have the mic's etc... but I really don't know even If I would use it much for bass in live situtuation.

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Yeah, I used to play 5-string electric bass in my old band back in the day. I went through a couple different ideas for pedalboard type gear; the ME50B, a horrendous piece of lollipop that was. Then I did use the X3Live for a while; though I didn't have a lot of luck getting it to translate well to actual amplified sound. I tried using a Keeley 4-knob comp - works wonders for guitar, terrible for 5-string bass, because it attenuates all the low end lower than the open E string right out. Not pleasant.


On that note; Keeley did bring their new (not yet available) "bassist compressor" to NAMM 2014 - I am hopeful they release that thing eventually! They also brought a "compressor pro" which uses a very different design over their 'ross clone' style 2 and 4 knob comps. For comparison's sake, here is the "mark bass compressore", which is also (as are all Keeley pedals, true bypass) - however the Mark Bass comp also uses a tube.


If you want to look at some cool bass gear, check out *anything* by Mark Bass! Amazing amps, really killer stuff. The key to bass fx sounding good is *low pass*, meaning, the effects should/need to allow the low freqs to pass unfiltered, and be merged with effected version of the mid and upper range of the bass note. Some bass-specific effects will allow you to dial in a sort of "cross over" effect.


Also, look at getting a high quality pitch octave pedal (Mark Bass, octaver). Playing notes above the 12th fret on bass with a one or two octave drop that also allows the "dry" signal to mix with it is way cool.


Oh yeah, not to be a total "pedal tease" here, esp since I ordered mine at least a month ago, and they are still building them - but the new "Keeley Neutrino" looks like it would be pretty freaking awesome on bass. :)

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A little late to the party...


I'm loving the Soldano 100 clean channel with my 6 string Ibanez (a GVB36, not the SRC6 :p), and the XXL V30 cab with the 409.


It's like the bass rig we didn't even know we had :)


I can get thick and powerful lows, punchy middle, a nice shimmering high end... I like it tons better than the flip top and 1x15 Line 6 so graciously gave us... >.> :lol: I haven't even messed with adding EQs, compression, or tweaking amp/cab settings, yet.


I also have a Zoom MS-100BT, which has some of the bass models as the B3 mentioned. I like them, but they take some tweaking to get the best out of them, so if you don't mind that (I don't), they're useful, too, and the bass effects are definitely better suited in one ways. I don't use it for amps, now, just to simplify things and liking the 'SOLO 100 CLEAN' better o.O


An advantage of using a 500X is the A/B paths; if your bassist likes some overdrive/distortion, you leave one side clean to retain the low end :)

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