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How to conect stopbox?


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Hey everyone


I think the topic title says enough. How do I conect stompboxes such as the behringer echo machine (to give an example) or other simualar stompboxes to my spider jam amp?


I like the sounds and fx on the amp it self, but I would like to explore more options by adding more pedals.


I'm kinda new to these stompboxes, I don't own one and I never had before? And just before I buy one I want to be sure it's possible to connect them on this amp. If it is possible can someone explaine how to do that?


Thank you



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IIRC the SJ has no effects loop so it looks like you would have to connect it on the front end - not ideal but it seems to be the only option.


"If" it had a line in/line out you would just cable it there and be good to go.



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I'm not sure how the echo box is going to sound going into the guitar input, like BillBee said normaly your going to use an effects loop built into the amp and the Spider Jam doesn't have that.


I usually use things like distortion boxes and sometimes a modulation box into the front. For instance, I have 2 stomp boxes, I made, in line after that there's a Line 6 Otto Filter and those are routed to the guitar input. Give it a try if you have issues with the sound your getting with the echo box going into the a preamp you'll understand why it normally belongs between the preamp stage and the final amp (or power amp) stage along with some Mod, Delay, and Reverbs.


When I got the Spider Jam I went with the UX2 so I could get a bunch of different effects that would sound decent going into the front of an amp 'cause it was designed for it. Finally, "if it sounds good," "it sounds good" regardless of what I said. Have Good Time and Rock On!!

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