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Hey, so my DL4 cut out the other day and I've opened it up to find that batteries have exploded and leaked acid all through the pedal. The circuit is pretty burnt and it won't start at all. I've only ever run it off a line 6 official power supply. And am always super careful with the unit.

Has anyone else had any problems like this? 

Also, being based outside of Europe, or the USA. There is no number or emailing address for me to get in contact with line 6 about the issue. If anyone could shed some light on where I can get in communication about customer support, that would be fantastic!


Love the DL4, I just want to get it revived :( 


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Do you have any idea how long the batteries were in there? It doesn't matter all that much, but leaving dead batteries in a battery compartment will eventually cause them to leak (the stuff the leak is potassium hydroxide, which is actually a caustic agent, not an acid).


I guess the best case scenario is that the leak just caused a short and caused the unit to stop working that way. If that's the case, cleaning everything up may fix it. The worst case is that the board itself is damaged in some way. I'd say try cleaning it up as best you can and go from there. You probably want to wear rubber gloves while cleaning it up.

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