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Hello everybody,


I've just played in a concert with a POD XT connected to a MKV Shortboard that I always use at home without any problem. I am not shure if the problem comes with hight volume or vivration on the stage, but the pod simply and sudenly restart itself while playing when it wants!!!!!! It doesn't care if I am on a silence or on the midle of a Solo.


At first, I thought that It was an energy problem, but I start using a voltage stabilizer and the problem was not solved.


Anyone had this problem???


Thank you !!!

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Oooo that sucks. I would try a different power supply just in case the old one was starting to go, it takes more power to feed the FBV. Another thing could have been how hot it was. The problem hasn't repeated itself at home or practice?

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Hello BillBee !!! Thanks for your answer!!

I haven't try another power supply (It will be the next tray ;) ).

I think the temperature is normal and no, the problem usually happen on stage :S

I'm going to try to find a log event into the file system from linux. If I get something relevant, you'll know it.

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