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  1. I used to have this problem. I figured it could be some sort of bug if you've got a lot of your custom made patches in the unit. What I did was I made a backup of my 4 favorite patches and I reflashed the BIOS and reinstalled the drivers, factory settings, and the default model bundle. I then transferred my 4 patches onto one bank in the POD. It seems to have worked. I haven't experienced this problem since I did that.
  2. As the thread title suggests, my XT Live's LCD has a display problem. Suddenly, there's a weird 'box' artifact that occupies almost half of the entire right side of the LCD screen. Here is the display in tuner mode. I have tried reinstalling drivers, USB firmware, and flash memory and the problem persists. Functionality-wise, the unit has no problems at all. Everything is working fine. It's just that LCD display problem that suddenly appeared when I turned it on a while ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hmm...so the latest version of Monkey has bugs for the XT Live?
  4. Have you tried backing up your patches and then resetting it to factory settings using Monkey?
  5. Does this mean that starting January 1, the metal shop for the POD XT Live will no longer be available for purchase on the Line 6 site?
  6. I use WIndows 8 and I use Gearbox with my POD XT Live. I never had any problem with Windows 8.
  7. None so far. I haven't had any issues with it and I play guitar with my POD everyday.
  8. Hey man, my POD XT Live also came with a SY-09200A power supply although I bought it second hand. Though the dude who sold me the POD claimed that it was bought in the United States.
  9. Hi I'll just bump this up. I just got a second hand XT Live a few months back and I'm interested in purchasing the metal shop. Problem is I don't live in the United States. Do I need to open a USD$ account somehow?
  10. Although the XT Live can be used with POD Farm, I don't think it's designed for that. I tried it myself and it sounds horrible. I think you should forget about POD Farm and use the amp models on the XT Live. Use Gearbox to make and tweak patches. If you insist on using POD Farm, It's probably better to use a UX1.
  11. I have an XT Live that I got second hand really cheap a few months back without the metal shop and I have been thinking lately as well about upgrading to the HD500. I play a lot of old school thrash and death metal (80s Metallica, Death, Deicide, Possessed, Pestilence, Exodus, etc.) and the XT Live has always delivered. I also love how the whole thing is built like a tank. It's always plugged via USB into my desktop computer and I'm the type that can sit in front of Gearbox all day long tweaking and making patches like there's no tomorrow. I found that I can get some really amazing sounds out of it that really suit the style of music that I play and this is without the metal shop. I'm very satisfied with it. :D Now I've been seeing a lot of stuff on the internet as to how the HD500 is such an improvement over the XT Live series in overall sound but then again, I don't know. I do know that I really like my XT Live. :unsure: Also (forgive me, I am new to all things Line 6), is there anyway for the online Line 6 store to use something like PayPal? :unsure: I don't have a credit card and I don't live in the United States (I live very far from it actually) but I'm interested in purchasing the metal shop.
  12. Hey man, I use a POD XT Live and I play the same type of music you play. I recommend this. You don't need the metal shop for it, just update your XT with using Monkey. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/127553/ You can use it as is or you can tweak it a bit. I find it gives a nice Human/Symbolic-era Death type of sound.
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