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Tone creation videos for AMPLIFi 75/150/FX100


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Folks, here are some videos created by our Product Specialists to help you get going with building tones in AMPLIFi 75/150/FX100. Don't forget to make your video requests at http://line6.ideasca...cussionID=47764. We consider your feedback there when creating how-to videos and setting presets on our products. We'll update this list as more videos are released.


Creating a Jimi Hendrix tone for AMPLIFi FX100/75/150


Creating a David Gilmour Tone with AMPLIFi

Creating a Van Halen Tone with AMPLIFi

Creating a Robert Smith (the Cure) tone with AMPLIFi

Creating a Andy Summers (the Police) tone with AMPLIFi

Creating a Josh Farro (Paramore) tone with AMPLIFi


Creating a Maná preset for AMPLIFi FX100/75/150 (en Espanol)

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