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Connecting Line6 UX2 toneport to Powered Speaker Monitor correctly.

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I am currently attempting to properly connect my Edirol MA10D Powered Speaker Monitors to my Line 6 UX2 toneport. 


For now I have it hooked up from the headphone jack of the UX2 device (1/8 inch cable with 1/4 adapter),  to the line inputs behind the speaker monitor (other end of cable splits into left and right RCA jacks seen in photo: The problem is I am concerned this is not the optimal way to connect my speakers. I am also concerned this will cause latency when recording and with playback.


I tried plugging the cable into one of the "Analog outputs" found on the back of the UX2, but the sound quality isn't nearly as good and the volume is not as loud.  


What is the correct way to connect my make/model speakers to the Line6 US2 toneport? Maybe go from left and right RCA line inputs to both Analog outputs???


Thank you.



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One of optimal ways would be to run the UX's 2 analog outs to the Edirol's RCA ins.


But the way you have it currently hooked up is just fine. The headphone out on the UX is hotter the the line level analog outs, so just be careful turning up the headphone level so you don't clip.

The reason it did not sound as good when you tried one of the analog outs is because you only getting one side of the stereo output.

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