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HD500 Arrow Key Left broken


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I just got a used HD500 which seems in a good condition.


The only flaw i noticed right away is, that the right controls beneath the screen are a little wobbely.

It then turned out that the "left arrow" from the dpad is not working, so it is not possible to go left in the signal chain to edit anything.

That is actually quite a big thing..


Is there a way to fix this? I am quite good with electronics and stuff, so I might be able to fix it myself.


Thank you.




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Thanks for the video, but it is not available anymore. 


Anyway, today I found more time playing around and actually I can make the left function work by wobbeling around...not very reliable but at least it works somehow. The whole section around the pad including the other two buttons is quite loose...


Lets see, I guess I'll take it apart then.

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u r welcome.


btw, what do u mean "it is not available anymore"?

When I click the play button, it just says "the video is not available"

Maybe the video is not available in my country (germany). I think you can change those settings when you upload a video.

I actually searched a lot for such a video before I disassembled the HD. But this one was never included in the search hits.


Anyhow, I dismounted the unit, removed the motherboard, cleaned everything, screwed everything back together. Aaaand: Issue is gone! Also the buttons are a little more firm now. The pad sometimes is not recognized, but I guess it is the general construction (which is kinda weak from my POV).


so, thanks everyone for your help.





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On 9/10/2014 at 12:23 AM, BillBee said:

If you find those wee lil tactile switches in there sometimes a shot of DeOxit can put some life back in them. Just take some pics as you go along JIC :)

Whats the size of the tactile switches for pod hd 500? 

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